Yes, my argument is flawed. My writing is flawed. I am ok with this. And, I am not changing it. For me to have to approach perfection for my article and its arguments to be meaningful and impactful, is a script I am not going to follow.

I think the situation is paradoxical, because it is part of both realities you mention, simultaneously. This is grey area, with shared responsibility in both parties. I don’t agree with the either/or logic you state here, and nor am I promoting this.

In our current reality, men are not allowed to determine what happens to an embryo they created (which I agree with, because this embryo is housed in a woman’s body, and she has the physical consequences to her being). I believe if men were hypothetically, the ones who carried pregnancies, than they would have the say about what ultimately happens to the embryo, as they could literally die as a result of the process of carrying, miscarrying, or aborting. Not to mention, the actual trauma and the disability of all of these outcomes (excepting death) is something whomever carries an embryo has to experience, and thus has the right to make the ultimate decision about the embryo. I see there are people who will not agree with me about this, or will look at this from a religious angle. But I am clarifying my reasoning here.

I am then highlighting how bizarre and disempowering it truly is, that men ignore that they knowingly and willingly created it, and that this means they will need to deal with the fact that a consequence of this, is either abortion, miscarriage, possible death of the woman they impregnated, or them being responsible for a child. And, how sad it is that men are not thinking through and disconnected from the fact that they make children, or create these other consequences. The woman doesn’t just give birth and make the child, but THEY helped to make the child. The woman isn’t doing anything to them, as they willingly signed up for these potential outcomes!

If men do not want to deal with children, they should wear protection. We as a culture/society need to actually give men real birth control, so they don’t end up in a situation where the woman they are having sex with, chooses to carry an embryo to term. Empower men to prevent this from happening.

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture.

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