Where is this article? Is it released by a credible source? I am happy to read whatever you send me to.

I had to laugh seeing you pathologized me and a large chunk of the population, for knowing that oppression is true, and critically analyzing the ill effects of capitalism and White Supremacy. You realize that you used an ad hominem attack to "discredit" us?

You even call me ill-informed, which is hilarious, because you absolutely have no idea how much education, experience, and research inform the ideas I share. Why do you have to resort to that behavior?

I am not against Capitalism, as a whole, however, I think we need to get a handle on how it has impacted us all, developmentally and psychologically.

I am also not rich. I do think a fair, living wage is important. There are other countries who have tried this, and it works.

It is repulsive you just offered me sexual favors. You do realize that could be considered sexual harassment? Be careful the things you say online, as they are here forever. I won't report you, but someone else might.

And, to conclude, you use a strawman fallacy, and possibly a couple of other ones, when attempting to discredit that oppression exists, by bringing up that because violence exists/existed within tribal communities and between groups other than White folks, it somehow erases these systems of racial oppression. I am aware there is a great amount of violence all over history, in all sorts of contexts, between all sorts of peoples. It doesn't change the fact that White folks have historically come out on top, and this is evidenced by a TON of research and resulting statistics. There are major bodies of study and literature, devoted to this. It is not just some fanciful set of ideas that someone dreamed up. There is solid evidence in physical reality of this, that you can find, if you do the work to educate yourself about it.

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture. www.avapommerenkphd.com

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