Thank you for your feedback.

If you read my other articles, you will see that I am actually in agreement with what you state. I write about “Empaths” in a rather confrontational light, expressing that their idea that they are special, somehow, is problematic. I don’t think people are helpless victims of (Narcissistic) abuse. I do see Empaths as essentially co-dependents (as you would see if you read my other articles), and I believe in mutual accountability, to a certain extent. I also see them as two sides of the same coin. Additionally, I am not disputing that one’s empathy goes down when recovering from abuse/trauma.

But, I do disagree with the studies you present about Empaths being a small set of the population, as well as what abilities said Empaths have. However, this is in fact a belief, if viewed through the paradigm of current research, as I have no research studies to yet back up what I have observed and experienced. So, yes, you have pointed out my bias.

To reprimand me, by calling this irresponsible, is interesting to me. What harm am I doing by writing an article that allows people to begin to love themselves through the process of trying to heal from an abusive relationship? I can think of far more harmful articles on Medium, and in the world of literature.

Additionally, being in the field of psychological research, I learned to critically read studies. What I have come to conclude, based on reviewing methods and analysis of research, is that a lot of what is produced as “evidence” is actually pretty flawed, and usually ends up portraying the agenda of the researcher, or the governing body that funded the research. Methods and data can be formed and analyzed in such a way to manipulate results and findings.

This article is solely meant to draw people in who recognize that they have empathy, and were exploited by someone with Narcissistic traits. Admittedly, the title is somewhat “click-bait”. But, for what I believe is a good cause. I see we perhaps disagree about my cause being “good”. This is alright with me.

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture.

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