I want to add that I find this exchange a little humorous, because you are literally doing the behavior I mention men do in regard to how to relate sexually with women, and overall to their privilege.

Your privilege is glaringly obvious here.

You appear to be prioritizing abstraction and “morality” over the subjective (emotional and lived) experience of women, and yourself, as a man. You clearly had an emotional response to my article, and instead to express and choose to deal with your experience through intellectually shrouded defensiveness, as well as what appear to me as two types of red herring arguments. Yes, I understand debate, as well as logical fallacies…

It does not seem like you took a moment to consider the implications of your decision to write these comments, and what the given consequences would be. But, I am gathering that in the moment, assuming your experience, decision, and perspective were clearly right and valid, because you are a man, was simply, enough?

It is easy to be critic and highlight small parts of text, taken out of context, to try to make a point, while missing the bigger picture, or actually relating with accountability, to the message of the article.

My questions to you:

  1. Now that you have read this article, can you see that you yourself, actually participate in the dynamics I share here?
  2. AND, what are you going to do about it?!

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture. www.avapommerenkphd.com

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