I don’t disagree with you that being victimized exists. I also have gone through my own set of experiences, in being victimized. I know we live in a world where people are targeted. I also know that the world is an unfair and unjust place. Simultaneously, I believe, what we choose to do and be, in the face of how deeply harmed and wounded we have been, is up to us, ultimately speaking.

I also believe that this is, in essence, part of the teachings of Christ.

Maybe we can’t agree on that.

I see that what I have shared here, doesn’t resonate with you, as I don’t expect it to resonate with everyone.

I am sure you have so much to share with the world. You have perspectives, that only you can have, based on the contexts you come from. I want to encourage you to write them down, and share them.

Perhaps you could write something that could help everyone who gets pissed off by this article, feel satisfied?

I wish you the best in your process.

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture. www.avapommerenkphd.com

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