I am really glad what you read here, resonates for you. It sounds very painful to have been close to this person. I have also had to go no-contact with a few people because they were completely unwilling to acknowledge and be accountable for, their Narcissism. We all have these traits to some degree. It is just really sad when we are so far gone, we cannot acknowledge it and stop hurting others.

I find myself rather disillusioned with “Empaths” because many people who are really suffering, who are actually very much in need of facing their own wounding and the ways they cause harm, due to their sensitivity, label themselves as Empaths.

It is a weird world we live in where there are tons of spiritually-oriented people who call themselves Empaths, conveniently always ending up in the victim or savior role, and somehow escape ever being at fault. Funny how there are so many Empaths, claiming to interact with Narcissists, yet not many self-ascribed Narcissists… Where are all these Narcissists hiding, I wonder?…

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture. www.avapommerenkphd.com

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