Our New Year doesn’t need to have a transformative outcome.

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These three specific traps are what give Apologetic Narcissists, continued free reign, in your life.


I want to focus here on the act of apologizing.

Limits teach us empathy, humility, and maturity.

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A lighthearted story about transformation, during the time of Coronavirus.

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I am changing

How Rumi guides my transformations in love.

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The fantasy of love in my early twenties.

To be messy and in a process, is a form of liberation from the pitfalls of capitalism.

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It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted in a profoundly sick society. — Krishnamurti

I am one of those extreme people

Dedicated to anyone who is grieving during this transition into the new year.


A sunset is an ending.

Why a New Years Resolution involving embracing who you are, might get you farther.


I was formulating a detailed New Years Resolution involving re-branding my business, and creating more online content.

A self-love perspective shared by someone with a history of severe trauma.

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Seven steps to heal from the special kind of loneliness that stems from Narcissistic Abuse.

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My story.


Dr. Ava Pommerenk

Coach. Psychologist. Writing about new perspectives, love, relationships, Narcissism, healing, transformation, & culture. www.avapommerenkphd.com

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